“When creating new work, the most important ingredient is connecting with the piece and adding some magic. In jewelry as in art, there is so much creativity and mastery involved, and I work with the utmost detail up to the final embellishments, making sure each piece complies with the highest standards of fine jewelry.”
Gabriela Bravo Clavello

Born in America and raised in Mexico City, Gabriela studied industrial design and started her career working as an artist and designer in New York City.  Once she started making jewelry, she became so passionate about it she decided to start her own line. She is now a certified jewelry designer by the GIA and a certified gemologist by the FIT. Gabriela has participated in art exhibitions, created art installations and collaborated in several art projects.

The artist creates jewelry collections that consist of a few pieces that share a common theme and a painting or illustration that supplements them. In her art and jewelry collections, Gabriela explores subjects such as existence, evolution, time and transformation. Her work is characterized by an interest in perception and three-dimensional space.

"Each piece is highly personal - it comes from my deepest self. My biggest desire is that it will be loved and treasured for many lifetimes".

Bravo Clavello Jewelry